Some common questions about adding tile to a new home

What is the cost?

Expect to pay from $13.50-$16.50 per square foot for standard tile flooring. This is labor and material included. Don’t cut corners with your installer or materials. A good installer will take pride in his work– grout lines will be straight and even, and tiles should be level. Underlayment, thin-set and grout should all be installed per the manufacturer’s specifications as well.

How do I maintain my tile and grout?

Many people ask about sealing their tiles.  If you have natural stone, the answer is a resounding YES.  If you have ceramic or porcelain tiles the answer is no, but you definitely want to seal the grout lines.  Most manufactures recommend a cleaning and sealing for grout and natural stone once every 1-2 years.  Buy a high quality sealer for less maintenance.  If you have floor tiles meeting wall tiles, this seam can tend to crack.  Use an acrylic based colored grout caulk to solve this problem.

Why is tile so cold?

Tile has a greater specific heat—meaning it takes direct heat to warm up your floor.  Tile also has thermal resistance—meaning it sucks the heat out of your feet quicker than your carpet.  This is great for the summers, but not so good in the winters.  You can solve this by wearing socks, or have a pair of slippers conveniently located near your tile floors.  Most people find that this is a small price to pay compared to the durability, beauty and value tile has to offer.

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