Introducing Build Tools

We are pleased to announce that we recently teamed with Build Tools to use their home construction scheduling system. It truly revolutionizes and streamlines the home construction process. It was developed by a custom homebuilder, not a software company, and is designed with both the home builder and more importantly, our clients in mind.

BuildTools is comprised of modules, each designed to address specific needs of Builders and our clients. Here are a few of the modules that you will be most interested in:

Communication: keeping our subcontractors and clients informed and involved in every step of the home construction process through emails and notifications.

Documents: where all project related documents are stored for client and subcontractor reference.

Schedule: keeping you apprised at any time of all of where your home is in the construction timeline.

Selections and Change Orders: Online client approval of selections,  as well as integration with change orders. During construction, clients can log in at any time to request and manage their own change orders. When a change order is approved, selections are automatically updated to reflect the client’s revised selections.

Service & Warranty: After the house is completed, clients can request service work & upload photos of the proposed issue for review. Contractors are automatically notified of work to be done & schedule and automatic reminders can be sent to contractors for incomplete items. This will ensure that any home warranty issues that you may have are addressed promptly and to your satisfaction.

At True Built Home, our focus on the goal of 100% customer satisfaction is why we are switching to the Build Tools system. This translates to a smoother more enjoyable home construction process for you the homeowner. It’s yet another reason to use True Built Home as your home builder. Contact us today for more information.

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