Relieve Stress with a Luxurious Steam Shower

We recently were offered the opportunity to present to our clientele steam showers from a major manufacturer at tremendously affordable prices. I sent a quick email to my wife, who BTW, immediately responded with, “I want one!”. Perhaps you will too. We are hoping to get your feedback because if the response is anything like my wife’s, we might just start offering them as an upgrade from our standard tub shower combos or corner soaking tubs. Here are some items that come standard on most units:

  • hand shower
  • top shower
  • four gear faucet
  • foot massage
  • radio
  • fan
  • background lighting
  • free hands telephone
  • commodity shelf
  • back message jets
  • towel bar, mirror
  • pillow in tub units
  • shampoo boxes
Steam Shower
Release the stress. This unit sells for $2720 installed on new TBH.

There are literally 20 or so different units. Some even come with flat screen TVs! So, we are going to simply offer about 4-6 units priced, turn key, for new homes starting at $2720.00 and up depending on size and features. Currently we are not doing any remodels. This applies only to homes yet to be constructed. Please let us know if you’d like to see these offer in a new home package.

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