Checklist For Obtaining A Construction Loan

August 12, 2011Financing
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We are often asked what is all need to obtain a construction loan. While every lender is a bit unique, some very general items listed here are pretty standard. If you find someone who is a “hard money lender”, there may be additional items to note. Again, here is a general list of items that most lender require.


  • Personal financial statement {Application}
  • Pay stubs for the previous 30 day period
  • Prior two years tax returns {With W-2’s}
  • Last two months account statements {Checking, savings, stock & bond}
  • Prequalification letter {For long term financing}
  • Self employed borrowers with {Corporations, partnerships, LLC’s, LLP’s}( Business tax returns for the previous two years)( Current balance sheet and profit and loss statement)


  • Authorization to obtain credit information

For a list of our lenders click here. Lenders on our list have already approved us to loans with their institutions. If you have a lender you want to do your construction loan with, let us know and we will do what we can to become approved with them.