Looking for the right lender for your situation can be a confusing and daunting process. At True Built Home, we want to make this process as convenient and effortless as we can. Please find a list of our preferred lenders below who can help you with the loan process.

Tacoma and Western Washington

Below are lenders available to help our clients on the west side of the mountains.

Umpqua Bank

Terry S. Pemberton-Read more about Terry, his history and a little about construction loans. Click Here!
Home Lending Officer NMLS ID 185396
Direct: 360-280-4208
Fax: 888-977-9408
Email: terrypemberton@umpquabank.com
Web: www.umpquabank.com/tpemberton

Terry can serve all of True Built Home’s locations and branches.

Why choose Umpqua Bank and Terry Pemberton?

5% down on a construction loan is pretty incredible. Along with the earnest money you use to put down on new land, and our processing payment when you order and or design your home, can all be applied to the 5%. Next, Terry S. Pemberton has been doing these loans so long he can do them in his sleep. He can also do them state wide and via email.

Washington Federal

Joni Cross
VP & Branch Manager
13414 Meridian Ave E, Bldg B, Ste 105
Puyallup, WA 98373
Office: 253-840-3493
Email: joni.cross@wafd.com

Why choose WaFed? Washington Federal has been in business since 1917, has a strong community presence and also does loans across the state and many state boarders.

Timberland Bank

William (Bill) P. Andrews
Vice President, Branch Manager NMLS ID 539564
Office: 253-875-4250
Toll Free: 1-800-562-8761
Fax: 253-875-8702
Email: wpandrews@timberlandbank.com
Bill and the owner of True Built Home go all the way back to the 1990’s He’ll take great care of you.

Why choose Timberland? The All-in-One Construction Loan provides up to 12 months of interest only payments through the construction phase, then converts to permanent financing up to 80% loan-to-value. The permanent rate is locked before construction begins. In addition, the two-step construction loan provides financing for loans that exceed 80% loan-to-value. You pay interest only during the construction phase as funds are used. The construction term is 12 months. Your loan officer will assist you with converting to permanent financing.

Evergreen Home Loans


Shawn Lynch


310 29th Street NE Suite 201 Puyallup, WA 98372
tel (253) 222-5626 fax (844) 513-0088 direct (253) 268-4050

Evergreen apply online


Tri-Cities, Spokane, and Eastern Washington

Below are lenders available to help our clients on the east side of the mountains.

Mountain West Bank

Robert Howard
12321 E. Mission
Spokane Valley, WA, 99216
Phone: 509-944-4025
Mobile: 509-998-3636
Fax: 509-944-4090
Email: rhoward@mountainwestbank.com
Robert originates loans for our Spokane office

Northwest Farm Credit Services

Daniel R Huff
Manager, Community Lending
Office: 509-836-3088
Web: Northwest Farm Credit Services

Evergreen Home Loans

Shawn Flinders
Branch Manager & Senior Loan Officer
1030 North Center Pkwy., Suite 304
Kennewick, WA 99336
Phone: 509-579-3601
Fax: (844) 417-4410
Email: sflinders@evergreenhomeloans.com
Shawn does loans for our Tri-Cities office


About The Construction Lending Process

We would like to take the time to educate our clients here about the lending process.

Before what many are calling the “greater recession” several local and national lenders were willing to lend construction loan money on the pre-construction appraised value. As an example; Mr. and Mrs. Jones find a parcel of land, pick out a True Built Home, get estimates for owner items and presents everything to the lender. The lender, after receiving the builder packet, (that’s the contract, blueprints and description of materials from True Built Home) does a pre-construction appraisal to determine the home’s value. In the vast majority of cases, the home always appraised far above the actual cost. Many lenders would then give anywhere between 80% and up to 100% of the appraised value. In another words, if the projects projected cost was $180k, and the appraised value was $245k, they would give the percentage mentioned earlier based upon the appraised value. Often, if the client was credit worthy, they could take the cash out if they so desired. We know what that led to!

What has changed? Many of the lenders listed above  will do this scenario only if the client has owned or made payments (called “seasoned”) on the land for over a year. The banks can then use the equity in the property as a down payment on the construction loan. A few of the banks below require that anywhere from 5-20% of the estimated cost of construction still be put towards the purchase of the new home.

The catastrophe in the banking industry adversely affects pretty much every single type of loan there is. However, why are people still building homes from True Built?

  • Building with True Built Home is still the best way to jump start equity in your home.
  • With the quality of products and our “Different by Design” philosophy approach do building our homes, our clients will enjoy maintenance free living for years and will have a modern plan that will remain functional for your lifetime.
  • You can enjoy the flexibility of your taste your way.
  • With built-in equity, you’ll likely never be “upside down” like some of our friends, family, and neighbors.
  • When you have an active part in your home you will not believe the excitement of seeing your home go up. It truly is an experience of a lifetime.

We hope here at True Built Home as a staff, sub-contractors and vendors that you will be added to a long list of success stories, proud owners and financially better off folks as a result of having discovered that owning new is simply a wiser choice to be had by the few.