Painting Doors and Trim

The quality of doors and trim that you find in a stick built home is typically superior to what you would find in a mobile or manufactured home. Washington Home Builders find that the most people choose a 6-panel white doors with matching white trim. Here are some things to remember about True Built Home’s white-painted door/trim package:

The doors and trim do not arrive at the site painted white; they are primed only, and so you will either need to paint them yourself or hire a painter.

Doors and trim are left unpainted for a couple of reasons. First, during the handling of the doors in transit, white paint can easily get scuffed or dirty. Also, the trim will be cut to fit at the site and then nailed to the wall; plus the nail holes will need to be caulked; and the paint would end up slightly damaged during this process and would need to be repainted anyway.

Usually a roller or sprayer works the best and fastest for painting the doors.

Keep looking back at your work for runs and fix them before they begin to dry. The corners of panels are a place where runs are particularly likely to run. Keep a good brush handy to wipe the drips out


As a suggestion, you might consider instead of upgrading to the white package, upgrading to our solid hemlock door/trim package. Although the hemlock package is about twice the cost of the white door package, there are some advantages that outweigh the cost:

  • The doors are entirely solid
  • The doors and trim are pre-stained to match the cabinet package you order, so the resulting look is quite rich and carries throughout your new home
  • With the white door package, the cost of the painter added with the cost of the package itself may end up actually costing more that the hemlock package which does not require painting.

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