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Working with Small Lots

You may be like so many others that we have encountered over our years in the building business that have a narrow lot. It’s frustrating, but not so much with the lot as with builders that have limited plans, or no plans at all for these challenging lot sizes.

For example, in Tacoma, the average city lot size is 50 x 100. Side setbacks are typically 7.5. or 15 feet total – that gives us 35 feet to work with. Besides the fact that it is “tight,” since 35 isn’t an even number, that translates to some waste in materials that ultimately you would have to pay for i.e. plywood. Check with your city for set-back requirements.

One of the things that make it even more of a challenge is that folks often find a plan that is too big for the lot and wonder if it can be changed to fit. Often though, the reason you like the plan was because of the size. Making changes to a home that does not fit will likely end in a futile attempt to make it so.

That is why True Built Home has faced this challenge and has addressed your needs. You will note that we have more narrow lot plans than other on-your-lot builders. In fact, many on-your-lot builders don’t want the business. The reasons are many, but here are a few to consider:

  • Cities have different policies about building codes that present ever-changing challenges.
  • Narrow lots have limited space and make it more of a challenge to have materials dropped off. Contractors like to have their vehicles close to the home for a number of reasons and often narrow lots can’t always accommodate them.
  • Many contractors work on the home at any given time. This presents space issues as well.
  • Every contractor who builds in a city must obtain a license to do so. So, instead of having a license just to build in say Federal Way, we would also need one in Tacoma or Olympia. They need to be updated each year and although they do not cost much, it still presents a challenge to the general contractor who has to make sure that everyone he has hired is licensed in the city where that house is being built.

These are just a few of the challenges that we face, but we are committed to assisting you to get your new home.

As a home builder with years of experience, we have developed an easy, step-by-step process for you to find and create the home you’ve always wanted at an affordable and reasonable price. Our specialty is in pre-designed efficiently built homes as an alternative to either manufactured or modular homes. Our homes are built 100% on your site. Additionally, we have taken the time to equip our website with lots of helpful information and tools you can use to carefully plan and begin to understand the process of new home construction.

If you’re thinking about moving into your dream home or have any questions, please give us a call! Our friendly staff is ready to help you. If you are unsure if we service your area, please contact us for assistance.

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