Why True Built Home?

Why True Built Home?

What makes a True Built Home a Great Way?

Simply put, you do! Because we take our clients’ needs seriously, by listening carefully, we’ve been able to create a system that’s sure to please our customers. With so many on your lot builders, why choose True Built Home?

Design: we offer a large selection of stock plans. The designs we offer are intelligent and functional, able to meet the demands of your modern family. However, what if you like everything about a stock plan except the size of one room, or the layout of a kitchen, etc?  This is where True Built Home shines. We have two on staff designers both with years of hands on practical experience in construction. They can take our stock plan and for a modest fee redraw the plan to be exactly what you are looking for. Or, they can start from a blank sheet of paper and draw the plan that’s in your head and from scratch create an entirely new design just for you! Your choice.

Wall heights: Some on your lot builders choose to use a short 88 5/8” stud. Not us! We are proud to build to a true 8 foot wall height (92 5/8” studs). So you stand proud and walk tall in our homes, rather than feeling like you’re in a mobile home!

Floor system: True Built Home uses the best performing I-Joist on the market. “Why is our joist better?” Joists are rated according to their “performance”. Performance basically means little or no bounce or spring. When joists are spaced too far apart it can allow for a bouncy feel as you walk as well as increased squeaking. The reason for spacing them further apart is obvious-fewer joists saves the builder money. However, some joists have more bounce than others, even while spaced closer together. By not skimping on our joist spacing and by having the best performing joist on the market, we  ensure you less spring or bounce from a True Built Home.

Our website: we offer a large volume of information so that you are able to educate yourself about construction and our building process. In fact, you will no doubt feel the same as many others that our site offers more information than two of our largest competitors combined, hands down. We are very transparent with our prices giving you the flexibility NOT to be pressured by a sales person, but to have the freedom to price your project on our website day or night in the comfort of your home.

These are only a few of the ways in which True Built Home, an on your lot builder, is truly a great way. If you would like to learn more, why not call your local True Built Home branch and ask, “what makes a True Built Home a great way?”




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