The Appraisal Process

In the residential construction home business, one of the trickier things to make sure sufficient funds are available for your project is the appraisal. Essentially, once a client orders their home and your custom home plans have been drawn. . . continue reading

How can True Built Home SAVE you thousands of dollars

I have 23,000 reasons why you should build a True Built Home When comparing home builders side by side, it can really be tough for you the buyer. Why? Because not all apples are built the same. As an illustration. . . continue reading

Common Loan Application Requirements

Following is a list of commonly requested items that your lender may require for your loan application. Please bear in mind that different lenders have different requirements and your lender may have additional or in some cases fewer requirements than. . . continue reading


Unlike an existing home or manufactured home purchase, there are actually usually two loans involved in building a stick-built home: a short term construction loan (usually 9 to 12 month) the permanent 30-year mortgage If you’ve never built a home before. . . continue reading

Equity in Your Home, or the Lack Thereof

I read this article; although a few months old, I found in it some sobering facts, especially the one about homes that are in the $200k range and the owners equity, or lack thereof, position. I have highlighted it. . . continue reading

Home Loans Becoming a Little Easier to Get

Trying to get a home loan? We found some encouraging news in a recent article of USA Today. Lenders are starting to show signs of loosening up a bit in their requirements. . . continue reading

How to Buy a Home

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of “how to buy a home”, we should first consider “should I settle for a used home?” It’s cliché but often repeated, buying a home will be the largest investment you will. . . continue reading

Improve Your Credit

How to Repair Your Credit No matter how bad your credit situation is there are always steps you can take to make it better. Everyone’s situation is unique, so what might be the best thing for you right now, may. . . continue reading

Mortgage Basics for Building a Home

Building a home isn’t like buying a home, and the mortgage you will have to take out will differ considerably. Don’t let that deter you, however: if you keep the basics in mind, navigating the process will be much easier. . . continue reading

Save Money with Historically Low Interest Rates

It’s likely no news to you that mortgage rates are at a historic low. As of this writing, shows a 30 year fixed loan at 4.59%. Rates have only been lower twice in the last 25 years and both. . . continue reading

Show Me the Equity!

In reading this article I found in it some sobering facts, especially the one about homes that are in the $200k range. If having equity in your home is important you’ll enjoy this piece. If you would like to read. . . continue reading

Western Washington Getting Their Mojo Back

Another positive article, this time from the Tacoma News Tribune. It looks like multiple offers are occurring on some sales and a definite increase in the value of homes. . . continue reading

What is the Processing Fee?

What is the Processing Fee for? When you order a True Built Home and you sign the contract, you are asked for a processing fee. This processing fee is for administrative costs that True Built Home incurs well before we. . . continue reading

What Rising Mortgage Rates Mean For Banks

According to Freddie Mac, the average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage increased this week to 3.91%. That’s nearly 60 basis points higher than the trough at the end of 2012. What does this mean for banks?. . . continue reading