A Little Reflection on True Built Home and Other “On Your Lot” Builders

The True Built Home difference At True Built Home, we may not at first glance be the cheapest “On Your Lot” Builder in the area, but the quality we provide more than pays for itself. It is our goal to. . . continue reading

A Step by Step Guide to the Home Building Process

How a home is made A lot of customers new to the home building process don’t know what to expect of the months ahead. It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you take the plunge and decide to. . . continue reading

Big Rambler, Large Covered Porch and Why Wouldn’t You Add the Covered Porch?

I often wonder why folks don’t upgrade to a large covered porch when ordering a home. Having the space on the lot makes it easy. Adding the covered area in essence increases your living space. Add a fan, TV jack, . . . continue reading

Blinds and Window Coverings

Wood blinds offer a warm and inviting look to any decor. Richly stained or painted, wood blinds are the modern alternative to shutters. Wood blinds, like most blinds, come in various different slat widths and each one is. . .  continue reading

Build a True Built Home and Build Your Wealth

Buying a home by the traditional route can be a bad investment, especially if the economy takes a downturn. Buy the right home, though, the right way, and you will find yourself building your wealth instantly – Watch Our Helpful Video. At True Built. . .  continue reading

Countertop Selections

There are lots of options on the market for custom countertops. Here we will focus on some that True Built Home offers: Granite Counters  Granite is elegant and durable. The beauty of the stone contributes to the beauty of any. . . continue reading

Decorative and Functional Landscaping

Far from simply being decorative, landscaping fills an important role in your home environment. Consider some things trees, shrubs and grass may affect: Drainage Breeze and wind deflection and direction Shade for roof, windows, and patios Privacy from neighbors Do. . .  continue reading

Full House Sound Systems

Full house sound used to be considered a luxury. Today, it’s become more common, easy, and affordable. While it is possible to wire a house after the walls are closed, it is very difficult. You can save yourself a headache. . . continue reading

Furniture Buyer’s Guide

Buying a piece of furniture is a long-term investment of sorts next to a house and a car. The furniture that we buy should last us a long time so we should be careful in selecting the right furniture for. . . continue reading

 Full House Sound Systems

Full house sound used to be considered a luxury. Today, it’s become more common, easy, and affordable. While it is possible to wire a house after the walls are closed, it is very difficult. You can save yourself a headache. . . continue reading

Home Theater Systems

Some might think that a home theater needs to be a giant room with a projector and screen and complex sound system. However, a home theater doesn’t need to be that expensive. A large Blu-ray flat screen TV, a high-definition. . . continue reading

How To Paint

One of the ways True Built Home can build affordable homes is by allowing the homeowner to do their own painting. How is this the case? If we were to paint the house, we would hire a subcontractor, and then. . . continue reading

Hybrid Hot Water Tanks – Why Wise and How They Work

Having hot water is essential to the modern family. Thanks to some genius in the past, we no longer have to cut word and boil it over a fire! After all, after cutting all that wood, who needs a hot. . .  continue reading

Insulating Your Home for Coat and Comfort

Inside the walls of your home are a number of things that you may never see. Among them is a barrier of material called insulation. The basic purpose of insulation is to keep heat and cold from transferring between the inside. . . continue reading

Painting Doors and Trim

The quality of doors and trim that you find in a stick built home is typically superior to what you would find in a mobile or manufactured home. Washington Home Builders find that the most people choose a 6-panel white. . . continue reading

Save Money with a Permitting Specialist

“Bureaucracy” – doesn’t the word alone give you the creeps? It does us too. However, there are some intrepid folk out there who actually know how to deal with the government officials and contractors who are involved in getting your home. . . continue reading

Septic System Basics

All modern homes built in the United States have some system for disposing of effluent (AKA “Poop”) from the house. In most suburban areas, effluent is directed from the house to a piping system that leads to a city sewer. . . continue reading

Setting Up Your Temporary And Permanent Power

Part of home building for Washington Home Builders is getting electricity to your new home. This involves 2 phases: temporary and permanent power. If you have a modular or manufactured home, you may already have a pole that can be. . . continue reading

The Beauty and the Beast of Hot Water Tanks

There is an ever growing trend that appears to be gaining each and every month which is the press towards more energy-efficient items in one’s home. I think every paying customer out there who gets their utility bill, every month or. . . continue reading

True Built Home Name Brand Products

Why name brand standard features are so important. If you’re in the market for a custom-built home, make sure that before you commit to a company you check out their standard features, and see if they give you the. . . continue reading