What’s included in a Home Builder’s price?

Differences in home pricing between Home Builders

Researching home pricing between different Home Builders could be like comparing apples to oranges. No two homes between different home builders are built the same way, and likely include many different products or features. Do you know what products each Home Builder includes in their pricing? A little effort may be required to understand exactly what standard features will be included in your new home construction.

Consider all the costs associated with how you want your house finished, not just built

A Home Builder may say that they include Moen faucets, Granite countertops, engineered siding, LVT flooring, or some other product. However, the quality and durability between products may vary quite a bit and could impact the value of your new home. Let’s explore a little:

Moen Faucets

Do you know which faucet models and finishes your Home Builder includes in their standard features? Some Home Builders may advertise that they include Moen faucets, but which ones specifically? Make sure that they aren’t including the bottom-of-the-line Moen model in their homes, such as the Chateau Collection, which is a cheaper faucet that is not going to last or give you the quality you want in your new home.

At True Built Home, we choose high-quality fixtures and finishes that will last the life of your home. We give you the choice between the Moen Brantford, Eva, Gibson, and Glyde faucet models that are included in our Standard Features pricing. Contact us to learn more about the products we include in our price.


Some Home Builders may only include Formica countertops in their pricing, which is a much cheaper material. If a Home Builder says that they include granite countertops, check on the thickness they use. Many may only use 2cm granite thickness or less. You should take extra care with a 2cm countertop with its edges exposed since they withstand less weight.

At True Built Home, we include 3cm granite countertops in our Standard Features because it can withstand heavier weight with the added thickness, and it’s extremely durable, making it the better choice for spaces that will see heavier traffic and use, like your kitchen.


Many Home Builders choose to use LP SmartSide siding, which can have its share of issues:

  • LP faced a class-action lawsuit in the 1990s due to many claims of siding rot, disintegration, discoloration, and even fungi growth, and ultimately had to pay out almost $1 billion to satisfy those claims.
  • During installation, edges cut have to be primed and painted right away to prevent moisture penetration.
  • The inclusion of wood in the product makes LP SmartSide more susceptible to fire.
  • While they claim a 50-year warranty, it is actually prorated and loses value every year. Also, there may be issues with the warranty not covering areas like the Pacific Northwest, where we experience heavy rain and high humidity.

At True Built Home, we choose to include HardiePlank® Lap Siding as our standard siding. Some features are:

  • Resistant to Termite Damage – Resistant to the damaging effects of termites and other wood-eating pests.
  • Durability – Provides strength and good impact resistance without sacrificing the natural look of wood.
  • Non-Combustibility – Will not ignite when exposed to direct flame or contribute fuel to a fire.
  • Moisture Resistant – Resists damage caused by moisture.

HardiePlank® siding products are considered “green” products with no detrimental effects on the environment. HardiePlank® siding products are manufactured in an extremely resource-efficient process where the materials are recycled up to four times. Also, this siding is very durable and has a long life expectancy and warranty, which means your house will only need to be sided once in your lifetime, not two or three times.

Cost per square foot is only useful when you know everything included in the builder’s cost

Choosing a quality Home Builder isn’t as simple as finding the cheapest price or comparing cost per square foot. The design of a home, such as its size and shape, obviously influences construction costs. However, the cost per square foot for a new home is even more greatly impacted by the construction quality, grade of materials, and level of interior finishing of the home. This involves the quality of the cabinetry, countertop material, plumbing fixtures and finishes, lighting, flooring, and HVAC systems, as well as the level of molding and trim, the grade of siding and roofing products, the number and efficiency of the windows and doors and the extent of energy-efficient features included.

These are just a few examples of things to keep in mind when comparing pricing between Home Builders. Be sure to consider all the costs associated with how you want your house finished, not just built.

At True Built Home, we believe that fixtures and finishes really make the home something that you want to live in for the long term. Our pricing includes high-quality, energy-efficient standard features in all of our homes – for no additional cost. If you have a home plan in mind, contact us and let us know where you’re thinking of building. We’ll give you an accurate quote based on your build location and any customizations that you want to make.

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