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What is OSB?

Oriented strand board (OSB) is a performance-rated structural panel engineered for uniformity, strength, versatility and workability. It is utilized internationally in a wide array of

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How to Paint

One of the ways True Built Home can build affordable homes is by allowing the homeowner to do their own painting. How is this the

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Framing with Fir Trees

Douglas Fir-Western Larch (DF-L) This species combination has the highest modulus of elasticity (MOE or E) value (the stiffness factor in floor systems) of all

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Making a Small Home Feel Larger

Smaller homes such as ADU’s and casitas offer many advantages over larger homes. Smaller homes are usually less expensive and occupy a smaller footprint on the lot, leaving more

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What is an ADU?

HISTORY OF THE ADU In the 1940s and ’50s, many American families rented out an extra apartment over their garages or in the basement of their

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Home Theater Systems

Some might think that a home theater needs to be a giant room with a projector and screen and complex sound system. However, a home

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